Philadelphia can breath a sigh of relief today: Kendall Jenner's mystery Instagram love letter did not come from Ben Simmons.

After years of rebuilding and trusting "The Process," Sixers fans were made very nervous by the prospect that one of their marquee stars, Ben Simmons, would fall victim to the Kardashian curse. Simmons has been dating Kendall Jenner on-and-off for a while now and she's even been showing up at games, but yesterday she took it to another level posting a photo on her Instagram story of what many thought was a love letter from Simmons (the initials were blacked out). 

The letter was full of gushy lines that were more rote than a hallmark card, like: "my innermost feeling is pure love for you. I will love until death separates us." Even if there was no threat of the Kardashian klan's baller-vanquishing hex, it would be tough for Simmons to stay in the limelight and live this down. 

Thankfully, Jenner revealed today on her Instagram story that it wasn't Simmons who sent the note, but rather the photographers with whom she's often collaborated, Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott, also known as Mert and Marcus. She posted the same photo of the letter, but with the signature revealed this time: "M+M." She captioned it "nice try my secret admirer's actually @mertalas & @macpiggott."