While the days are far removed from her Pepsi scandal, Kendall Jenner has to deal with some new drama, albeit not as intense. In March, Kendall announced her upcoming "Pizza Boys" project, including a Beats 1 Radio show. While the amount of people on Earth who love pizza is incredibly large, Kendall believed she was good to go with the name but, alas, a variation of the name has already been claimed and a lawsuit is going down.

TMZ reported that Kendall Jenner is currently being sued for using the "Pizza Boys" name by Robert Karageuzian, the founder of Pizzaboyzzz. Karageuzian is the leader of an established art collective in Los Angeles and he is suing Jenner, DJ Daniel Chetrit and Apple for setting up an Instagram account and promoting themselves under his name. According to the documents, Kendall's radio show has even been using his slogan of "In Crust We Trust," which, if true, is likely a large piece of evidence against Jenner and co. for jacking his idea. A cease and desist letter was initially sent to the Kardashian family member on April 16 but they allegedly ignored it and continued promoting the venture.

Kendall Jenner has not commented on the lawsuit but the account in question has not posted on Instagram since April 19.