What are boocifers for, if not for back rubs, consolation, and unforced pregnancy scares? Even though Ben Simmons seemed non-committal the first time he dated Kendall Jenner, their 2.0 is stronger than ever. Take the following into consideration: when Ben Simmons suffered a demoralizing poster dunk by Knicks' Kevin Knox during last night's 126-111 76ers' W.

According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner was on hand to console her boyfriend after the game. By the sound of it, the youngest Jenner sister successfully mitigated the mental loop of Kevin Knox's dunk. As the video aptly demonstrates, the Knicks' rookie took off flying from the perimeter, and never looked back, landing squarely on top of Ben Simmons' defenceless body.

To make matters worse, Ben Simmons' brand potential may have been dealt a hefty blow, due to the fact many A-to-B list celebrities were in-house to witness the devastating dunk - including Tracy Morgan, Karrueche Tran, Justin Long, Maluma, and Regina King (who was lucky to escape without an injury when Joel Embiid rammed into her during a lunging play). Incidentally, Kendall was also in the crowd to witness the monstrosity.

On the positive, if Ben Simmons' reconsiders his competitive pathos, he stands the chance of conquering his Knox-related PTSD - the truth being: to have suffered a posterization is, by and large, the definition of a fully-fledged defensive effort in today's NBA. Not to mention, the Sixers came away with the Win by a pretty comfortable margin. All is fair in love and war.