With the number of Kardashian women running around in Calabasas, the chances of one of them popping up in the nude in your go-to fashion magazine are pretty high. Of course, Kim built her empire off the infamy of her sex tape with Ray J. Now, her family is one of the most popular groups of businesswomen in the world. The clan can always rely on their bodies to boost sales or ratings, turning to sex appeal when it's absolutely needed. We know Kendall to be the most reserved of the bunch despite her career as a supermodel. However, she wasn't shy when she stepped in front of the camera for Vogue Italia in her birthday suit. 

Kendall Jenner is the star of this month's edition of Vogue Italia, gracing the cover with a few stylish looks. One that is catching everybody's attention though is a shot of the model standing in a doorway completely stripped down. Jenner rocks a pair of gloves and heels leaving very little to the imagination as she wears no clothing aside from that. 

The Kardashians have a talent for consistently creating headlines. Kylie Jenner recently hinted that she and Travis Scott may be crossing their fingers for a second baby. Kendall effectively shifted the spotlight over for a few moments before her other sisters surely find a way back into the news. The photo in question is a little too NSFW to post here but you can check it out here.