This news will be a delight to many fans of the Philadelphia 76ers. Although Kendall Jenner was once referred to as an actual good luck charm for Ben Simmons on the court, fans seemed to believe that she was distracting the hooper, spending too much time with him in the offseason when he should be hitting the gym. Of course, the man should be allowed to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and if Kendall can be part of that, nobody should be complaining. However, after a couple of cryptic posts, several sources are stating that the couple has officially broken up.

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A few days ago, Kendall Jenner said that she could see herself "one day" marrying the star basketball player. Only hours had passed after that story was published when reports started to circulate that the two sides had called it quits. Kendall reportedly fueled the fire even further by posting clips of herself listening to the new Tyler, The Creator song "I Don’t Love You Anymore," and while that definitely seems a little "reach-y" if you ask me, all signs are pointing to Ben and Kendall no longer calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Some sources are saying that the duo is done for good while others simply say that they're "on a break." All we know is that they're not together for the time being. Do you think Simmons will strive without his supermodel girlfriend next season?

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