Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were the two biggest stars to break out of All That. The series was essentially a children's version of Satruday Night Live, which Thompson would progress to starring in later in his life. But back when he was just a teen, Nickelodeon turned him into a star. All That's "Good Burger" skit was so popular, it was made into a movie. While sitting down on Watch What Happens Next with Andy Cohen, Thompson revealed that he and Mitchell have talked about making a sequel to the comedy. 

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"We’ve been talking about it for a long time," Thompson stated. "We’ve had meetings about it. So, it’s in the higher power’s hands because we both said that we’re down to do it." He then explained how the Jimmy Fallon Good Burger reunion came to life. "I called Kel and we talked," stated Thompson after explaining that someone in Fallon's office had the idea for the reunion and reached out to him. "It was a forty-minute conversation we had.. we hadn't spoken in a long time. It was nice to reconnect, cause it was like picking up right from where we left off."