This year has been confusing, to say the least, in terms of the news we're being offered. From 21 Savage's possible deportation to Jussie Smollett reportedly staging an attack on himself, 2019 has been strange. Nobody really knows what's going on in the Smollett case. At first, the public was empathetic, hoping that he finds justice and that his attackers are sentenced appropriately. Then, it came out that the two brothers that jumped him were extras on Empire and friends with the actor. It's all so absurd but here we are... Kenan Thompson is having the same moment of mass confusion as the rest of us, wishing he knew what was going on.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The Chicago Police Department has been actively sharing updates on the case, and some are hoping that they keep that same energy for cases not involving famous actors. Kenan Thompson recently spoke on the matter with AP, saying that he wishes he knew the truth about what's happening. "That story is so crazy," said the comedian. "Now it's coming out that he might have set it up or whatever so I wish I knew what the truth was because everybody's so quick to jump on one side or the other before the actual facts come out."

Kenan Thompson had reached out to Smollett when he first heard about the attack. Now, he's not too sure what to think. Which side do you stand on?