LaVar Ball recently stopped by the set of Saturday Night Live to talk about his son Lonzo's rookie year with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Big Baller Brand and much more.

Well, sort of.

Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson impersonated the boisterous Ball father during SNL's "Weekend Update" segment and he delivered a spot-on parody.

Thompson's LaVar Ball character doubled down on his belief that he could beat Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1, adding that he could do so while wearing a beekeeper suit and Hamburger Helper gloves. That's not too far off from the real LaVar, who recently said he could beat MJ "with 1 hand tied behind my back with some glasses on with one eye lens out with some flips flops on in the rain."

The imitation LaVar Ball explains, 

"Look at me! I am eight feet tall! I can jump 20 feet high! I once jumped over a Super Target! This past Thanksgiving I ate 100 turkeys!" 

Additionally, SNL's LaVar Ball predicted that Lonzo Ball is going to win a hell of a lot more than Rookie of the Year, including NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP. But that's not all. Lonzo is also going to win an ESPY, a GRAMMY, a Purple Heart, and he's going to get best truck in its class by J.D. Power And Associates.

Watch the footage below.