Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, better known to 80s & 90s babies at Kenan & Kel, have grown to become successful actors in their own rights. Kenan joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in the early 2000s, he recently landed his own series on NBC, and he's set to serve as a judge on Bring The Funny. Kel's roles haven't been as high-profile but he's continued to work with Nickelodeon and continued to flex his comedic side through various roles. As the two prepare for the All That reunion, it appears as though a Good Burger revival could be in the works.

Kel Mitchell took to Instagram to reveal that The Jonas Brothers will be performing on the debut on the All That revival which is set to premiere on June 15th. Kel was dressed up Ed, his character in the comedy, while on set of Good Burger. Before it was turned into a movie, the sketch initially appeared in All That.

The announcement for the All That reunion first came earlier this year before it was revealed the Kel Mitchell would be joining Kenan Thompson for the show's revival. Prior to that, Kenan Thompson confirmed that he and Kel Mitchell already spoke about making a sequel to Good Burgeralthough it wasn't confirmed if it would happen.