For those who know Kenan Thompson from SNL, the fact that was a huge child star may come as a surprise (but look at that smile, how could he not be?). The show that made him was Kenan and Kel, which he starred in with Kel Mitchell who was also known for All That, although now is not known for all that much.

The two reunited recently on the set of a TV show that was recently rebooted to capitalize on peoples' nostalgia for an era when slime was something you dumped on people, not a nickname for your friends or something you got paid to make on YouTube. Double Dare has been around, on and off, since 1983. Measured in the universal unit of Lil-Wayne-Lifetimes, that is just under 1. In other words, the show's been around for a while now. It was revived this year and Kenan & Kel appeared on the show to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation(Kenan) and the National College Resource Foundation(Kel). You can watch a video of the classic duo doing an obstacle course below. The two also reunited recently (with a bunch of others from All That) on Wild 'N Out; you can watch that video here