Tensions between Kellyanne Conway and daughter Claudia have apparently continued to mount. The two have a documented history of being at odds with each other as a result of their different political views, as well as what Claudia claims is ongoing abuse at the hands of her mother. Like most of the disagreements between her and her mother, Claudia posted their most recent screaming match to TikTok, where she has more than 1.6 million followers. 


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After Claudia posted a video to the app showing her mother swearing and screaming at her, someone reportedly called the police to do a welfare check on the family. After police arrived, Claudia began recording a TikTok of the conversation between police and Kellyanne (below), where she says she’d “like to go to family therapy,” and that they’ve talked about it before. 

In the video, police also suggest that Kellyanne should take away Claudia’s phone, as well as the internet, if they want things to settle down. Claudia vehemently rejects this idea, saying that she paid for her own phone, so they have no right to take it from her. 

Claudia has been accused of taking the videos and exposing her family for attention, but she insists that she is actually just seeking refuge and support from the abuse she endures from her mother. While we hope that the two can sort out their problems, it doesn’t seem as though they will stop butting heads anytime soon. 

TMZ reports that the police are still investigating the situation.