Kelly Price provided an update on her health status for fans on Instagram, this week, saying that she's  "getting stronger every day" and gave thanks to God. Price famously battled a serious case of COVID-19, earlier this year, that resulted in her family believing she had gone missing.

"Sis is following dr’s orders," Price wrote in her IG update. "Sis is getting stronger everyday. Sis is working hard to get back to the music. Sis is focused. Sis is eliminating stress from everywhere and everyone who presents it no matter who they are. Sis is working hard to be better than I was before COVID, before the pandemic, before the deaths and the losses, before the heartbreaks and the pain. Sis will be better than she was before the craziness."

Kelly Price, Covid-19
Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Price, who was reported missing to police by her family, confirmed she was safe and recovering at a private location in September.

She continued: "I thank God for another chance at life. I thank God for everyone who 'gets it'. I even thank God for those who don’t get it, those who insult me and those who judge what they know nothing about…you have a role in what propels me to chapter next as well. Everyone can have their opinion but God has the final say! #ChapterNext is being written now. Sis is writing the next chapter."

Check out Price's post below.