Sometimes, it's difficult to believe that Nas and Kelis are no longer together. During their heyday, the two appeared to be madly in love, appearing everywhere together. While both were incredibly successful very young in their music careers, they have experienced extreme highs and lows throughout their years as a couple, culminating with a tumultuous custody battle this year. With Kelis describing the best moments of their partnership as the times when the money was rolling in quickly, she detailed the "dark" moments in an interview lasting over an hour with Hollywood Unlocked. 

Kelis notes that Nas had a drinking problem, which would lead to mental and physical abuse, stating that he would black-out and not remember them having "the worst night ever." Detailing the extent of the abuse she experienced, Kelis recalls when Rihanna's domestic abuse photos were publicized as she hesitated to come out about her own situation. "I had bruises all over my body at that time," noted the singer, insisting that she did not speak sooner because she believed they could work it out. She claims that the abuse was not one-sided as she fought back on separate occasions but she never started any physical fights. 

The "Milkshake" singer remarks that much of their conflicts came from Nas' drinking habit, saying she was madly in love with him but that he would become aggressive when he drank. Kelis speaks for over an hour about her relationship with Nas in the video below.