At the top of the year, Nas  accused Kelis of violating their custody deal when she took their son to Columbia. Nine-year-old Knight was supposed to spend new years with his father, but Kelis kept her son in Columbia with her and did not return until January 14th. According to The Blast, Kelis is now headed to trial since she pleaded not guilty to 20 counts of contempt.

Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The trail is set for June 20th and the "Milkshakes" music maker is facing a hefty amount of fines and if the case worsens, possibly jail time. In the court documents filed by Nas, he claimed his ex to have violated their custody agreement 17 times since January of 2018.

"In or around December of 2018, Petitioner (Kelis) moved to Cartagena, Colombia and took the minor child without my consent,” he wrote in official documents. Apparently, Kelis wanted to live on a farm with her son and Colombian husband. "On Christmas, Petitioner informed me by text message that although her ‘plan’ had been to bring the minor child back to me in Los Angeles for New Year’s, the plan had changed. She then stated that the new plan was to come back on January 4, 2019.”

Kelis didn't return until 10 days later and Nas said he wasn't able to get a hold of his son for the whole duration of the trip.