The sensitive topic of colorism has hit another snag, this time by Keke Wyatt. The veteran R&B singer is known for her often unhinged reactions, and viewers may have recently witnessed an episode. Keke was speaking on The Mahne Tea with a panel of others when former Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher began listing the persecutions that Black people have faced throughout American history. The topic rubbed Wyatt the wrong way and she interjected.

Keke Wyatt, Mahne Tea, Milan Christopher, Colorism, Black Struggle
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Keke interrupted him to say that other ethnic groups have endured struggles, as well. "So have Mexicans. So have other people, honey," said the singer. "Black people are not the only ones who have gone through that. Look at the Jews!"

Milan continued to ask Keke to let him finish his point because he was respectful when she spoke, but she wasn't having it. "I don't understand. We biracial, right. We love everybody, but then you got your certain Black folks that just "n*gga, n*gga, n*gga, n*gga"... I'm getting upset and my husband doesn't like it, so I'm going to excuse myself because you are so pro-Black and it's okay to be pro-Black. Power to the Black people." Milan told her that she was being sarcastic and he was just trying to finish his thought.

Keke Wyatt, Biracial, Colorism, Black Culture, All Lives Matter
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"You have to understand Black people are not the only people that have been oppressed," Keke yelled. "They are not the only ones, my n*gga! Jewish people have been oppressed, okay. I can keep going. I'm biracial! We f*ckin' oppressed 'cause Black people done made us feel like sh*t! White people make us feel like sh*t! You don't know that life! You don't know that! So, if you want me to be an ignorant ass n*gga I will tonight. I don't want to go there!"

Keke then called Milan a "cool-ass due, sugar" but said that "there is more to life than us being Black." Unsurprisingly, as soon as the clip of the conversation went viral, the public had quite a bit to say. Watch the exchange below and check out a few reactions.