"Big Boss" Keke Palmer is back to spread a little love and positivity, this time with a rhyme that focuses on authenticity. The Pimp star took to Instagram to drop a beat and spit a few bars about folks who are living their lives on social media but not being true to themselves. She begins by talking about how people are "faking trips, just for flicks" and how she doesn't have time for it. The "make believe" life isn't what truly living is about and she tells people to "leave it alone." 

Her uplifting bars will hopefully help some out there realize that the social media comparison game is just a facade and that they should be appreciative of who they are and what they have. This isn't the first time Palmer has stepped forward to advocate self-love, as she previously sat down AOL to discuss how the self-care movement became her lifestyle.

"I experienced a lot," she said. "The thought process that I developed allowed me to be so objective about things that happened in my life, but I had to experience the pain first in order to get there. So I went through a very tough time and I realized that the only way that I would be able to get out of that was with a positive outlook, and through that positive outlook, I began to grow closer to myself and understand the importance of self-love. And it's that love that you give yourself that allows you to not take so much of the outside world personally.