Following Trey Songz interview on The Breakfast Club last week, Keke Palmer sought to set the record straight. In an interview with WGCI radio show Chicago Morning Takeover to promote her book I Don't Belong to You, the 23-year-old actress accused the "Love Faces" singer of lying.

"He's lying," she said to the radio jocks. "But I can take it because of the messages I got from other women saying that they were put in similar situations and had gone through unfortunately similar events with person, it made me feel like [...] I knew I did what I needed to do."

Last month, when Trey Songz's video "Pick Up The Phone" came out, Palmer accused the singer of sexually intimidating her into making a cameo. Last Friday, when DJ Envy asked Tremaine to explain what upset her so much, the singer contradicted the actress' claims.

"It’s a video that we shot in passing at a party," he said. "I don’t care that much to sneak Keke Palmer in a video for two seconds -- who the fuck does that? I’m gonna sneak you in a video, Keke? No. I’m not. Fuck outta here."

Songz's record label pulled the video after the  initial accusations. Watch Palmer's full interview with Chicago Morning Takeover below.