At age 19, Kylie Jenner is now one of the most lusted-after young females in America. She's currently got a rapper almost 8 years her senior eating out of the palm of her hand, and she's even captured the thirst of America's most dangerous rapper, 21 Savage, who recently vowed to "tear that ass up." Her "slim thick" physique and luscious lips have set a new beauty standard for young women, though she wasn't always poised to look like the archetypal Kardashian. R&B singer/actress KeKe Palmer claims that Kylie's remarkable transformation took place because the world had collectively agreed that the old (real) version of herself was ugly. 

Taking to her Instagram, Palmer posted a before-and-after display of Kylie, showing the "natural" Kylie on the left next to the plump-lipped version whom we're now familiar with. "Kylie's so ugly! Why can't she just grow up?" reads the text atop the 2012 photo of the model. On the more recent image, the text reads, "Ew, Kylie's so fake! What happened to her?" 

The post, which includes a lengthy writeup from Palmer, is somehow in response to Trump's victory, which led the singer to believe that "we have become so obsessed with making things appear to be real than needing them to actually BE real."

She would go on to express remorse over people who bash Kylie for all the attention she receives due to her manufactured appearance but also forget that "for years the whole damn world damn near agreed that she was ugly." 

"A CHILD, that girl was a child," Palmer vents about the superficial scrutiny Kylie took on at a young age, "and she was bullied and named ugly and not as a character but as HERSELF." 

Kylie, unlike most, was able to have the money to alter her appearance, which has since turned her into a massive celebrity. Palmer is not surprised by this turn of events, writing, "Now you are mad it was that easy? When the generation has already been force fed to love things that are false and appear as real?"