Celebrities are hitting the streets as they join the peaceful protests across the country, and Keke Palmer is the latest famous face to be seen. A video clip of the talk show host went viral and garnered mixed reactions on Tuesday (June 2) as she passionately pleaded with a National Guardsman to abandon his post and march alongside protesters.


"Once the looting starts the shooting starts? We have a president talking about the second amendment as a use for people to come out here to use firearms against the people who are suffering," Keke Palmer said as she was face-to-face with the soldier as other protesters surrounded him. "This is the message that we're seeing. I don't know if you're on social media because the news don't tell you everything, but you have to pay attention to what's going on. Or else, we have a president that's trying to incite a race war when the borders are closed."

"We can't leave. You have people in here that need your help," she added. "You, y'all stand together with the community, with society. To stop the governmental oppression. Period. We need you. So march with us. March beside us. You get your people. Y'all march beside us! March beside us! Let the revolution be televised! March beside us and show us that you're here for us." The soldier let her know that he would march with the group from one end of the street to the other, but because of his assignment to control the area, he couldn't go any further than that block. It wasn't enough for Keke and she let him know that.

While Keke Palmer wasn't satisfied with the soldier's answer, someone else asked him if he would at least take a knee, which he did. Some people criticized Keke for not understanding that even kneeling put the man's military career and life at risk, while others applauded her for being brave enough to challenge authority. Check it out below.