There was a time that Keke Palmer looked up to her mentor R. Kelly as someone as a good person. It was until recently, in light of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary that the actress and singer realized the different masks R. Kelly wore. During a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Keke was asked her thoughts on the documentary where she called the whole situation "eye-opening, painful, sad, disappointing and heartbreaking."

Noam Galai/Getty Images 

Andy followed up by asking Keke if she was surprised by all the allegations that R. Kelly has been accused of. “Yes, because that’s not the side I knew,” said responded. “That’s not the person that I worked with. That’s not the experience I had. So, just imagine if you’re having a great experience with someone and then you’re hearing all this stuff it’s like, ‘Why didn’t you show them what you showed me?’ That’s the feeling I had.”

Keke detailed further how she looked at R. Kelly as a friend but seeing how he hurt others set her off.  "I think that anybody that loved him as a person probably feels that way. That’s not something you want to hear about somebody that you cared for," she added.