The world watched as Keke Palmer took to the streets to protest police brutality and challenged a National Guardsman to abandon his post and march alongside protesters. A video of the incident went viral, and while her impassioned pleas were applauded, that wasn't the end of Keke Palmer's fight against injustice. The multihyphenated entertainer covers the "Jaugust" issue of Cosmopolitan rocking her natural hair, and inside, Palmer discusses why President Donald Trump is a liability for the American people.

"I think President Trump plays into it too. He's inciting a race war. His craziness is inspiring us to just really get him the f--- out!" the actress said. "It's like we needed somebody who riled us up so much for us to be activated to the point of saying, 'Oh, hell no. I can't let this guy continue." Keke also spoke about her encounter with the National Guardsman, saying that she knows she really didn't let him speak, but she desired to connect with him as a man outside of his position.

"It's also been a buildup: There have been so many names turned into hashtags, so much pain," she said. "It blows me away because our language has progressed — I don't mean specifically Black people. I mean young people, millennials. Naming white supremacy, saying that out loud. When I heard 'defund the police,' I'm like 'Oh s---. We actually could do that." Check out a few photos from her cover spread below.