Famed singer Keith Sweat recently linked up with NBA Young Boy and shared the special moment with his 252 thousand followers on Instagram. Unfortunately for Keith, there was seemingly a little mix up since he thought he was with 21 Savage and captioned his photo "@21Savage and SWEAT." The typo, of course, gave lots of people a good laugh resulting in a few Twitter reactions from some telling Keith not to "Sweat" it.

Thanks to Instagram's edit button, as well as the number of reactions and comments Keith received, he quickly corrected his caption to read: "@nba_youngboy and #SWEAT."

Keith issued an apology after the unintentional mix-up, writing: "Our team apologizes for the mistake made in our post. We inadvertently used another artist's name and regret the inconvenience it caused. We have made every step to correct this error immediately." 

Keith dropped off an album at the end of the year and per a recent interview, music isn't the only venture he has planned.

"I’m working on a few things outside of the music game, like television and movies. There are TV shows and movies coming up soon that I’ll executive-producing. I’m just trying to put my foot in everything," he said.