As America awaited the news regarding the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial yesterday (April 20), reports of another police-involved shooting began to go viral. Columbus, Ohio police officer Nicholas Reardon shot and killed 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant after the teen reportedly called the authorities for help. It has been reported that Ma'Khia was fearful that a group of girls was going to jump her, but instead when police arrived, an altercation had already begun and Ma'Khia was shot while holding a knife.

There have been debates about this case since its inception and a focus has been on whether or not the shooting was justifiable.Kehlani quickly began sharing information about the case as conversations ensued. One side of the coin argues that Ma'Khia was armed and looked as if she intended to harm a woman at the scene, while counterarguments state that she was defending herself and the officers hadn't taken the time to ask for the person who made the call, nor did Reardon use non-lethal methods.

"ACAB," the singer tweeted. "ABOLISH THE F*CKING POLICE. the same day we 'celebrate' a verdict for another loss that should’ve never happened, a Black child is murdered. ABOLISHMENT IS THE ONLY ANSWER. [broken heart emojis] #MAKHIABRYANT." She added, "Ma’khia bryant was 15 years old, calling the police for help. what is 'justice' what does that verdict mean what does it stop?" Kehlani quickly corrected the teen's age to "16."

"Somebodies whole ass baby," the mother added. "That’s a CHILD." Read through Kehlani's messages below.