Today would have been the Mac Miller turned 27. His fans and friends are honoring him in many ways on this special day. Some have planned events while others turned to social media to honor his memory. Kehlani came through with a personal exchange they had before his passing. It refers to her unborn child. The screenshot she shared via social media reveals how excited the late rapper was when he received the news of her being pregnant. 

"That's so awesome you have a little Kehlani in there," he wrote. Khelani responded in agreement, "I'm really so so excited." Then the emcee offered some of the humor he is known for by joking about a potential name for the kid. "If it's a boy the name Malcom is so solid," he suggested. "Just saying. Powerful strong name." Kehlani acquiesced, "Lot of powerful Malcoms in the world." The singer shared the screengrab with a sweet caption: "happy birthday doode. wish you could meet her. love you."

Kehlani has indeed found her pregnancy to be a joyous chapter. "We are more present than i have ever been alone, more strong than i have ever been on my own. 6 months and i feel like time is flying," she stated, referring to her oven bun. "This is my most favorite journey i have ever embarked on, the greatest path i have ever taken."