If you haven't noticed, Kehlani has really been spreading positivity and the idea of self love on social media recently, sharing several selfies of herself looking healthier & happier than ever. Well on Friday, Kehlani decided to respond to some haters apparently saying that she had plastic surgery recently, which attributed to her clean & healthy look lately. Of course, Kehlani wasn't with it and quickly denied the accusation, saying she removed all her piercings and is taking much better care of her skin now. She also attributed to being well rested and not on the road as another reason she’s been healthy and glowing lately.

"LMAO y’all i have never gotten facial surgery. don’t plan on it," she wrote. "i look “different” because i’m HEALTHY. i’m well rested for once, not on the road. i removed all my piercings and pay a lot of attention to my skin care. stress levels down. that’s it. suck miiii w the accusations.”

It’s unclear where exactly she heard these whispers of getting plastic surgery, probably in her comments over time, but it’s a pretty ridiculous at that.

Check out the tweet (below) and let us know what you think.