While many are donating to bail funds across the nation to help protestors who've been arrested while fighting for justice, others are taking the time to list off all these celebrities who donated just to call them out for supposedly doing something wrong. Fox News' Tucker Carlson hopped on the airwaves with this sort of compiled list of celebrities in an attempt to seemingly "out" them for helping "rioters and looters."

After naming off companies that have donated to Black Lives Matter, he indicates that “it isn’t just major corporations that are fuelling all of this—celebrities are too, by paying to get violent rioters out of jail.” He then begins naming some of the famous folks who have given money to help bail out protesters, convincing himself that this is a bad thing.


Kehlani appears on the screen fairly early on, which the singer herself managed to capture and post on Instagram. “Finna sign this n send it to my granny,” she wrote. “#F*ckFoxNews.”


While Kehlani was proud of her inclusion in this list, Lil Nas had a bit of a different reaction, mostly because Tucker  insinuated that he specifically had “helped incite” riots.


"This man just lied and told millions of people on national television that i was inciting riots," Lil Nas tweeted. "You can’t make this up." Seth Rogen was also among the celebrities that Tucker thought he was shaming for donating to a worthy cause, but the comedian's reacted similarly to Kehlani. "I think when white supremacists are bothered by your actions, that’s probably a good thing," Seth wrote in the replies of a tweet that had shared the clip and said, "Tucker Carlson thinks he’s outing celebrities."


Another comedian, Patton Oswalt, who donated to bail funds also addressed this "exposé," tweeting, "I regret to inform all my followers that your grandparents are no longer fans of my comedy. Sorry to ruin your Thanksgiving."


Anyway, if you'd like to donate to bail funds by state, you can go to to the National Bail Fund Network here, or if you'd like to split a donation to bail funds across the country, visit ActBlue Charities here.