Mother-to-be Kehlani has officially found inspiration. The talented singer has been quietly putting in work in the booth, crafting the followup to last year's SweetSexySavage. Though some expected an "album," it would appear that Kehlani has opted for the "mixtape" route. Though such distinctions are superfluous these days, given the heightened mixtape quality, there does appear to be somewhat of a philosophical difference between mixtape and album. For one, adding "mixtape" before an artist's name generally suggests a sense of artistic freedom, where adherence to traditional song structure is loosened. 

In any case, Kehlani has another one for the books. Given the fading platform for mixtape releases, it will likely land an official drop on all major streaming services, provided the clearances are accounted for. Look for Kehlani to drop some new music by year's end.