Columbus Day undoubtedly has a dark history behind it. It marks a history of genocide and violence among the many lives lost. Over the years, many people have been extremely vocal on their opposition to the day and have even petitioned to have the holiday removed or renamed to "Indigenous Peoples Day." Among those people is Kehlani, who took to Instagram today to address the holiday.

In an Instagram post, Kehlani had a few words to share about Columbus Day. While many may be celebrating the day with their family, enjoying a meal and what not, Kehlani took a stance. She posted a picture painted by Ernesto Yerena of Indigenous elder that said "We the resilient have been here before." She posted a length caption along with the post that explained why exactly Columbus day. Citing the fact that it's a day that celebrates "rape, torture, robbery of land and culture." Kehlani herself is part native as well. In her post, she tells her fans to take time to learn the history behind the day and tells her other Indigenous people to fully understand their rights to their land. 

"When entering any land, any space or even any practice, you must honor what & who came before you. If you are indigenous take some time to learn... to fully understand your right to land, medicine, connection & being. Know that the ancient ways of your people were & are so strong that people felt they had to separate you from it. Our power lies in connecting again, in reclaiming, in taking back our rites of passage & practice of healing." she says.

It's a powerful message to send, especially considering the political climate in the U.S.A and the pain that this day strikes to many people. Some places in the U.S. have been much more progressive than others. South Dakota changed the name to Indigenous Peoples Day back in 1990 and Berkeley, California followed it a few years later. However, this year Los Angeles and other cities in California have switched the name to "Indigenous Peoples Day" alongside cities in New York, Iowa, Ohio, Maine, Oklahoma and more.

Check out Kehlani's post below: