Miss Kehlani dropped a new track at the end of March titled "Playinwitme" joined by the likes of Kyle and more recently was featured on Cardi B's debut album on the single "Ring." 

Just today the Oakland singer hit up Instagram to share some pretty good news saying she "gained 6 million listeners on Spotify in the past 20 days."

"Aye thanks y’all forreal, welcome to my world we finna get started on some new shit, until then i hope u enjoy what’s outtttt," she concluded her caption on a photo of a baby Kehlani.

Aside from her impeccable singing skills, the spike in her Spotify listeners may or not have had something to do with her surprise Demi Lovato  make out and stage straddle. Think about it, their onstage event made headlines and introduced Kehlani to a wider fan base, boosting even more love and curiosity to her music. 

“She came up behind me. I had no idea!” Demi said of the surprise. “She told me she was going to be watching the show, so I was looking for her, and I didn’t see her out there so I was like, ‘OK, I guess she decided to go or whatever.’ And then all the sudden I feel hands on my shoulders for this song "Lonely," I look up and it’s her.”