Kehlani's headlining performance at San Francisco Pride was cut five songs early Sunday night, and the singer has expressed frustration over how the concert was handled. "san francisco pride just cut our sound system and mic off half way through my set with 5 more songs to perform," she wrote on Twitter. "i love you bay area, but fuck that shit man."

Kehlani's mic was cut as she performed "What I Need" with special guest Hayley Kiyoko, as can be seen in a clip filmed by a fan. According to the singer, it was due to noise curfews in the city, but it didn't excuse the fact that she was put on 30 minutes late, despite being ready hours ahead of time. "SF Pride staff been rude all day. didn’t expect any of this. don’t wanna cause a situation because i really care about this community but stay away from Pride if your heart isn’t in it. san francisco deserved better today. & the cops are out fully strapped ...get. home. safe," she wrote.

She went on to urge San Francisco to do better for its LGBTQ+ community in the future. "i wanna stop tweeting but it’s sad dude," she said. "bigger than my performance but pride parade/festival is some shit we in this community wait all year around to come together for. to celebrate. to feel safe, to feel seen. deserves to be handled with care."

View all of Kehlani's thoughts on the matter above. The clip of her performance being cut off can be found below.