Kehlani Drops Sexy Red Wine Fuelled "TOXIC" Video

Mitch Findlay
March 25, 2020 11:50

It's Kehalni gone wild in her new self-directed and wine-soaked visuals for "TOXIC."

Fueled by the volatile mix of quarantine-induced boredom and red wine, Kehlani took it upon herself to unleash a sexually-charged and highly seductive video for "TOXIC." Before long, the Twitter timeline was alive with lusty responses, many of whom found themselves completely smitten by the singer's latest drop. Kehlani herself teased the clip as being "CREATED DIRECTED EDITED BY ME IN MY ROOM IN AN HOUR," offering up a special shout out to the unidentified bottle of red that served as her muse. 


Premise-wise, there's not exactly much to unpack here, though the video is all but certain to elicit a reaction one way or another. Despite having little to no resources to work with, Kehalni's impromptu "TOXIC" is not without creative direction, boasting a lo-fi and deliberately seedy aesthetic befitting of the track's sultry mood.

Tempting though it may be to label this one "Not Safe For Work," given the circumstances it's unlikely you're anywhere near an office computer. In that case, be wary of watching this one around a) children, b) spouses, c) a bright room, lest you see your own thirsty reflection staring back in the darkened screen. 

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