If you aren't aware of model India Love and her huge presence on Instagram, you may remember her as the foundation of the beef between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy. She wasn't directly involved; what happened was Soulja put up a coupley Instagram pic of himself with Love, and Yachty asked him to take it down. That was enough to prompt Soulja to get out the Draco and start sending digital death threats. Anyway, India Love is once again a trending topic on Rap Twitter, and this time, it has nothing to do with rap beef (or does it?*). She is the latest celebrity to have a sex tape leaked online. 

The footage that has leaked is just over 20 seconds in runtime, perhaps a portion of a lengthier recording that is yet to make it onto the web. Nonetheless, the clip is causing quite an uproar, as Love is shown lying on her stomach, with the camera revealing a clear view of her backside as well as her genitalia. Of course, this is X-rated material. The nude woman in question is presumed to be Love due to the tattoos on her back as well as the "LA" tattoo on her butt. 

What's more is that there's someone behind Love, as a hand can be seen stroking up and down her body. And that hand appears to belong to a woman, mainly due to the manicured white finger nails. The woman's arm is covered in tattoos. You know who's a woman with arm tattoos? Kehlani. Going off that logic, some have presumed that the woman stroking Love is indeed the 21-year-old R&B singer. Yikes. 

Now Love and Kehlani are known to be friends, so the assumption isn't totally unfounded, but Kehlani has already seen the headlines and attempted to clear her name. Responding to The Shade Room's Instagram post about the tape, Kehlani commented, "poppin in to say I have hand and knuckle tattoos, it's not me guys leave me outtttt this one." 

*It should be noted that, during the peak of his beef with Yachty, Soulja Boy did threaten to leak a sex tape involving Love, though it was presumed that if said tape existed, he would at least have a starring role. As for Lil Boat, he seems to have been made aware of the shocking turn of events when he logged onto Twitter for the first time today. 

India Love, who has 2.6 million followers, has made her Instagram account private in the wake of the unsavory headlines she has found herself in.