The U.S. stint of Demi Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" tour came to an end last night and fans got more than they bargained for on her last performance. While Demi was singing her track "Lonely" to her beloved New Jersey fans - dressed in a silk robe and lingerie - miss Kehlani decided to hop on stage and plant a kiss on the singer.

Having been the opening act for Demi, the "Honey" singer was already in the building and snuck up behind the 25-year-old while on the bed that was center stage to the audience. From there, Demi let Kehlani lay down where she got on top of her and straddled her while she sang her track. Both parties looked to be enjoying it thoroughly and thanks to the audience, there's video proof.

"Twas a dream getting to do this tour with you. watching you every night was a learning experience and you forever have a fan and supporter in me. tonight your dancers put me up to this but anyone would be stupid not to jump at the chance to hop on that damn moving bed and grab your face looooool. i love you and appreciate you, beautiful. cheers to you, more life and success on the rest of the legs of this tour," Kehlani captioned photos to Instagram.