It's been a long time since 1992. In terms of years, yes, there have been 27 of them, but when you look at movies from then and now it becomes apparent just how much times have changed. 

The Mighty Ducks and its sequels are perfect examples of this. The movie, which starred Emilio Estevez (part of the Sheen family, although he changed his name) as a soulless lawyer who gets forced to into coaching a really bad hockey team, was huge. It was so big at the time that Disney did a crossover deal with the NHL that gave us the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (now simply the Anaheim Ducks), a real hockey team that wore jerseys lifted straight from the films. 

After all these years, in our dark times where sports teams are just called "The Ducks," some of the cast members of the old movies met up to relive the glory days at a hockey rink where they seemed to be filming something. They also, courtesy of the Anaheim Ducks, went to watch one of their games.

They don't like they've improved much from the start of the first movie.