Keaton Jones is a young boy whose tearful video went viral after his mother posted a clip of him describing how he gets bullied at school. 

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The attention led to the discovery of his mother's Facebook account and to photos of her posing with a Confederate flag that sent many online users into shock. Things got worse for Keaton's mother, Kimberly, when she was allegedly using the attention to garner views and donations to a GoFundMe page labelled "Stand Up for Keaton" that has since been shut down.

After receiving tons of backlash, the Jones family decided to pay a visit to Good Morning America as a chance to explain why she was seen posing with the flag saying, "We're not racist, people who know us know that." 

"It was meant to be ironic, funny and extreme. I am genuinely truly sorry and if I could take it back I would," she adds. She further explains that if people want to hate her "that's fine," but just "talk to your kids" because bullying is an epidemic. 

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You can watch her full explanation below. What do you guys think?