This Keaton Jones news has now grown to greater heights with new revelations that the young boy's father shared a few memes back in the day boasting "white pride."

Ever since a video posted by Keaton's mom went viral, since he was crying about getting bullied at school, people began blasting Kimberly Jones since she had photos posing with the Confederate flag. Kimberly and her son sat down with Good Morning America where she said the photos were meant to be "ironic and funny" adding that she's not "a racist."

TMZ has taken it a step further by looking into Keaton's father, Shawn White, who is apparently locked up in a Tennessee jail. Before he was locked up he posted photos on his Facebook that read "HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE," "Keep Calm and be White Pride,"  and "Aryan Pride." There's even a photo that Shawn posted of himself shirtless where tattoos on his body read "PURE BREED" and "WHITE PRIDE."

Documents obtained by the publication say Shawn is locked up due to aggravated assault back in 2012 and is scheduled to get out in 2018. It's unclear the relationship Shawn has with his son and Kimberly.

The video of Keaton sobbing from getting bullied at school and his message to others that are going through the same thing is getting overshadowed by his parents and their possible beliefs. What do you guys think?