Given their scope and commercial viability, Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have become somewhat of a hot commodity. At this point, Marvel properties have amassed a vast roster of talent, with heavyweight names like Robert Downey Jr, Josh Brolin, Brie Larsen, Michael B. Jordan, and more lining up to contribute to Stan Lee's cause. Yet not every actor is susceptible to the sheen. Least of all beloved everyman and noted badass Keanu Reeves, who has recently been taking names and kicking ass across a pair of John Wick movies. 

Anybody who has seen Keanu's behind-the-scenes gun training can vouch for the man's dedication. Of course, he previously expressed the same aptitude for combat during The Matrix, and has since developed a reputation for doing his own stunts. Seeing as John Wick allows him to dole out ass-whoopings through a variety of means - from bare-handed, to gunfire, to a fu*king pencil - the role must be somewhat of a playground for the Canadian actor.

It has recently been revealed that Keanu was initially coveted by Marvel execs for a role in the upcoming Captain Marvel. More specifically, the role of Captain Marvel's "alien mentor" Yon-Rogg, now set to be portrayed by Jude Law. At the time, however, Keanu had to turn the role down, as he already has prior commitments to the third installment of John Wick. But let's be honest. It's quite possible Keanu would have made the same decision without any contractual obligations. At this point, he and John Wick feel like one and the same. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images