When it comes to Kaytranada's distinct sound, Pharrell asks, "Can I have it like that?"

The rising producer/DJ chatted with the veteran singer/producer/TV personality in a clip from Beats 1 Radio, which is a short excerpt of a conversation that will air on Sunday (May 14th). Pharrell expressed wanting to "dive into different cultures" and hoping that Kaytranada could help him explore the Haitian sound in a concrete, x's-and-o's kind of way. Kay seemed flattered and expressed excitement about working with the proven hit maker.

Pharrell is definitely reaching into musical spaces he hasn't explored yet, further solidified by the announcement that he and Gucci Mane are hitting the studio together as well. As for Kaytranada, he's coming off a successful stint working with Wyclef Jean in January.

Watch the full clip below.