Kawhi Leonard has been one of the most memeable athletes in the world despite his best effort to keep a low profile at all times. Whenever Leonard goes on video and starts talking, people turn it into a meme and usually, they're pretty great. At this point, we can't tell if Leonard is just trolling us all and means for these moments to go viral or if he's really just being himself and the memes are coming naturally. Regardless of his intentions, the memes he's given us are pretty great and basketball fans are extremely appreciative of it.

This past week, NBA players throughout the league have been rejoining their teams for what's about to be a huge season of basketball. Leonard is no different and has already begun shooting promo videos with the Los Angeles Clippers. In the video which can be seen below, Leonard channels his "what it do baby" meme and well, it's incredibly robotic and forced.

Leonard seemed to be a little reserved about doing his bit again and honestly, we don't blame. The original clip was funny in the moment but when you have your own team scripting it for you, it loses a bit of its initial edge. Perhaps Leonard will be able to create even more memeable moments this season and hopefully, they'll be a lot more organic.

Winning an NBA title will certainly be at the top of his list of priorities this season.