After weeks of keeping us guessing, Kawhi Leonard finally decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers for three years at $103 million. Leonard just came off of a championship-winning season with the Toronto Raptors who were able to upset the Golden State Warriors in the Finals. The two-time NBA champion is considered to be one of the best players in the league and he seems to be excited about the opportunity to play in his hometown of Los Angeles.

During the Clippers introductory press conference today, Leonard took some time to thank the Toronto Raptors for everything they did last season, including the fans who made embraced him. He even threw in a reference to Ka'wine and Dine for good measure.

"I want to thank the Toronto Raptors fans. I don't have social media so i'm not able to put a paragraph out or whatever," Leonard joked. "Thank all of Toronto, the city, the country. It was a great, amazing season. It was the best parade ever."

Now that Leonard is officially on the Clippers, he can focus on winning yet another championship. Leonard has proven himself to be a transformational player and with Paul George by his side, the Clippers will certainly be a contender for the title.