Kawhi Leonard has consistently been one of the best players in the NBA over the last few years and as of right now, he is the main attraction of the Los Angeles Clippers who are believed to be among the best teams in the league. Just a few days ago, Leonard was forced to miss a game after a mouth laceration caused by Serge Ibaka. The game Leonard missed turned out to be a disaster as they lost by 51 to the Dallas Mavericks although now that Leonard is back, the Clippers have returned to their winning ways.

Last night, the Clippers were able to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers in what turned out to be a big game for Leonard. Immediately after the contest, Kawhi was in a joking mood as he spoke about the injury he sustained at the hands of Ibaka. In fact, Leonard joked that Serge is about to be traded, which amused the Clippers' new big man.

“Serge can’t talk too much. We got him on the trading block right now. Whoever wants him, let us know," Leonard said.

Obviously, an Ibaka trade won't happen anytime soon especially when you consider how Serge picked the Clippers in free agency so that he could be back with Leonard. The last time these two were on a team together, they brought Canada its first-ever NBA championship. If they can keep their chemistry going, perhaps the Clippers will finally get their shot at a title.

Kawhi Leonard

Harry How/Getty Images