You may be aware of the artist Nav from Toronto, but perhaps the most famous Nav in the city is the Toronto Raptors superfan who can be seen waving his towel courtside at every single Raptors home game. The man has received a ton of media coverage throughout the postseason and now, he is taking it upon himself to address the city of Toronto as they look to bring Kawhi back for at least one more season.

Leonard is set to decline his player option and will look to sign a brand new contract, with Toronto supposedly being the frontrunner. While this is great news for Raptors fans, Superfan Nav wants to make sure the city doesn't get too eager when interacting with the Superstar.

As he explains, Leonard has been out and about in the city, although some fans are taking pictures of Kawhi and interrupting him while he's trying to enjoy himself. For Nav, some people have become like the Paparazzi which the superfan feels could deter Leonard from resigning. Instead, he would prefer that the city recruits him the "Toronto way" which involves being polite and leaving him alone while he experiences the city.

It appears as though a petition will be made which hopes to draw thousands of signatures with the main goal of showing Leonard just how many people want him back in the city. After winning a championship, it's hard to see why he would want to leave, even if he does prefer the comforts in his hometown of Los Angeles.