Just after releasing her new single with Migos, Katy Perry seems to have sabotaged herself. A video of the pop singer making a questionable joke involving Barack Obama has been greeted with criticism on Twitter.

In what appears to be an Instagram session, a newly blonde Perry responds to a fan's suggestion that they miss her "old black hair" with a mocking sob, "Oh really? Do you miss Obama as well? Okay, times have changed. Bye."

It's not entirely clear what Perry meant to say with the comparison, but with America currently faced with a Trump presidency that's already off to a dispiriting start, it seems like a strange time to mock someone for not accepting the "change" that came with Obama's departure. As someone who has recently begun to refer to themselves as an "activist," it seems more curious.

Read some responses from Twitter below.

Listen to "Bon Appetit," Perry's new collab with Migos, here.