Atlanta's season two premiered with an exceptional episode titled "Alligator Man" that followed the crazy happenings of Earn's uncle who had an alligator as a pet. It was none other than Katt Williams who played Earn's crazy relative and this past Saturday he won his first ever Emmy for his hilarious role. 

“The first two times I auditioned, I wasn't good enough and other people were better,” he told Complex. “I just kept at it, and then I interned at an alligator farm for three-and-a-half weeks, just so I could get comfortable enough that we didn't use a stuntman. I really adopted the alligator into my home. And became so comfortable with it that it was like working with another co-star.”

His win beat out the show's own creator, Donald Glover, along with Bryan Cranston (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Sterling K. Brown (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live).