Katt Williams is reportedly facing the consequences of an alleged assault that took place in 2016. A lawsuit was filed against him by a man who claims he was physically attacked by the comedian during a party that followed one of Katt's shows. A default judgment has been issued since Katt Williams failed to even acknowledge the legal matter.

Tyrell Williams is said to have been in the process of posting an image of Katt Williams on Snapchat during the event. Tyrell said that no fair warning was given before Katt came for him. The actor hit the man with a closed fist three times after having smacked the phone out of his hand. 

The damages cited include mental and physical pain, according to Tyrell. He is seeking an unknown sum of compensation for his suffering. The plaintiff recently requested a default judgment, considering Katt Williams' failure to engage with the lawsuit. He claims to have served the humorist with the appropriate legal documents in May at a courthouse when the celebrity was dealing with another legal matter.

The judge accepted Tyrell's request. An upcoming hearing will determine the compensation Katt Williams will be required to offer the plaintiff.

Katt is also dealing with the consequences of his Oregon arrest for assault, which took place this past weekend.