While Katt Williams has enjoyed a long and successful career as a comedian, it seems that lately the only time we ever hear from him is when he's gotten into some sort of legal trouble, whether its fighting a teenager or throwing a salt shaker at a restaurant employee. Williams appears to be in trouble once again, though this time it's over his finances instead of his fists. 

According to TMZ, Williams is currently under investigation from the IRS, and they've been going after people he was close with in order to get information on him.

William's ex-girlfriend, Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E, was reportedly approached by two plain clothes investigators at her door to ask her about William's finances. While she didn't answer at first, the investigators said they'd come back with a search warrant if she didn't open up, so she let the investigators inside. 

Then, they proceeded to ask her questions about Williams. Whether he ever hid money from the government, she had no idea, and she also never opened any accounts for him under her name. They also asked about gifts, citing breast and butt implants that she claimed Williams bought for her during an interview on Raq Rants

When asked about Williams' state of mind, Hazel-E referred to him as, "geniusly insane." There's no word so far on whether the IRS has already spoken to Williams directly, but chances are high that's he's probably in some kind of trouble. People should know by now that unless your money is stashed away in Panama, you can't hide from the tax man.