Katt Williams stopped his show at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Ky., Saturday night, after a fan passed out in the audience. Williams remarked that he can't continue performing in a similar situation after the Astroworld tragedy, in which eight people were killed during a crowd surge at Travis Scott's festival.

Shortly into his set, a fan yelled out "Stop the show!" to which Williams obliged, according to TMZ.

"I'm sorry if I won't move on but that Astroworld shit, I mean we can't never continue till we know somebody motherfucking good ... I'm not goin' to be leaving with that on my conscious ... just take five minutes ... thank you, sir ... I hope she's just having a baby. That's all."

Katt Williams, Astroworld
Vince Bucci / Getty Images

Paramedics rushed in to help the audience member and Williams said he was glad to have made the right choice.

"We made the right decision," he said. "Alright, come back from a commercial break."

Travis Scott and the organizations of his Astroworld Festival have already been hit with one lawsuit after eight fans were killed and hundreds more were injured at Scott's set, Friday night. Concertgoers cried out for help from Scott as the crowd of 50,000 fans rushed the stage during his performance.