Comedian Katt Williams discusses President Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and more in a new ad for Supreme's Fall/Winter 2020 season.

Katt Williams, SupremePhillip Faraone / Getty Images

"If it doesn’t fit, it ain’t shit. And things in this world are starting to not fit. Right now, we have a perfectly suitable clown running the free world,” he said of Trump. “We got a guy who’s advice included things that no decent crackhead would tell you to do with a gunshot wound.”

Williams takes a dimly lit stage with no audience for the routine.

“This isn’t the first time New York has gone through something like this, and this isn’t the first time our country has gone [through] what it’s going through now,” Williams said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

From there, Williams speaks on the death of George Floyd, which sparked the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

“Because we can all agree breathing is important, we can all agree that you putting your knee on a man’s neck for eight minutes … It’s just murder,” he said. “It’s just televised murder. … I’m not gonna hide in a bunker, I’m on the front line with you.”

Supreme is expected to unveil more details about its Fall/Winter 2020 season in upcoming weeks. Check out the video on Instagram below.

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