Katt Williams has managed to stay out of the spotlight (in a good way) after 2016 saw him on the receiving end of media scandal after scandal. However, he’s still paying the price for his faux pas, most recently for his February 2016 assault of a pool supply employee.

The pool employee Paul Love sued Williams after being attacked by the comedian following an exchange of words. Williams threw goggles at Love and then went behind the counter and punched him in the head, which was especially bad because Love had gotten brain surgery weeks before the incident.

While Williams could have dispute the lawsuit, he instead failed to show up to court or respond to lawsuit in anyway, meaning the judge declared Katt Williams would have to pay Paul Love just under $87,000 to cover medical expenses as well as some punitive damages. The judge said Williams showed “willful misconduct, malice … and an entire want of care” during the assault.

Katt Williams is currently serving multiple probationary sentences for different assault charges.

[via AJC]