The woes of Katt Williams continue.

According to TMZ, Williams has been involved in (at least) six different situations since the end of February that have been/are being investigated by police. It started when he allegedly struck a clerk at a pool supply store in Gainesville, GA. For that, he was released on $5,000 bail. A few days later, he was accused of holding a group of five women at gunpoint, and also punching one of them, in Atlanta. Williams claimed self-defense, and no arrests were made as there were no witnesses at the scene. The incident is still being investigated. 

On the same day that his altercation with the female group in Atlanta was reported, Williams became a suspect of a battery case in Los Angeles. Again, he was accused of assault, and Williams quickly presented the media with his account of the hostile encounter. He claimed that he had seen a car accident outside of his hotel, and as he was running to help the victims, he was apparently mocked about his height by a group of tall men whom he took to be rappers. He alleged that he was struck when he asked them to stop, so he punched back in self-defense. 

Less than a week later, Williams' house was raided due to suspicion that he had ordered the beating of his bodyguard and personally issued him death threats. During the raid, police found guns and marijuana. He was sent to jail and released the next day on $60,000 bond. 

Then came the most infamous incident of them all, his viral brawl with 17-year-old Luke Wash after a pick-up soccer game in Gainesville. At the end of March, about a week after the fight surfaced online, Williams was arrested, sent to jail, and then released a day later on $500 bond. 

Williams had kept scot-free for the month of April until the very end, when he was arrested for another ridiculous scuffle, as he reportedly chucked a salt shaker at the face of the manager of an Atlanta seafood restaurant after experiencing trouble in seating the large group he was with. 

Amazingly, even with all the above cases, Williams is not in jail right now, though his days might be numbered. It has been reported today that he has been charged with misdemeanor battery for the incident outside of the L.A hotel. If convicted, he reportedly could face six months in jail. 

More bad news for Williams comes from Georgia, as prosecutors in Hall County have reportedly filed a motion to revoke his bail in the case involving the brutal assault of his bodyguard. The D.A. apparently feels that Williams' recent assault by salt shaker is the "last straw" for the troubled comedian. If the judge signs off on the prosecutors' motion, Williams will be immediately sent to jail, where he'll remain until (and throughout) his upcoming trial. 

One thing's for sure: Williams' lawyers are putting in work.